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    Growing for the future, enviornment in mind and Biochar in hand

    Growing for the future, enviornment in mind and Biochar in hand

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    Traditional smoke flavour created at home

    Traditional smoke flavour created at home

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    Working with nature in hand

    Working with nature in hand

We have the perfect Liquid Smoke or Powder Smoke for your kitchen, even Biochar for your garden..

Whats New

Hotter Summer Period

A hotter & drier period for this summer!

BOM  predicts  a warmer than normal Summer period especially with temperatures expected to be well above average for the nation.

Warmer  than normal nights are also likely.  Maximum temperatures are moderate to high over most of Australia.

As for rainfall, it is predicted to be drier than normal for this period.

Crops will require more water, so water management is critical during this period.

Vibrex is the answer to your irrigation and crop needs.http://www.tecnica.com.au/products/product_list/category/vibrex

Farmers are being urged to prepare for this scorcher along with vine growers to market gardens!


More Info on 2014-2015 Sumertime Scorcher








Extend your Shelf Life 100% Naturally!

Syringol Extra is a natural inhibitor and has been designed to prevent post processing contamination.

Syringol Extra is 100% natural and ideal for vac-packing of products.

Smoke is one of the oldest forms of preservation. The hint of smoke improves the aroma after opening vac-packing.

Syringol Extra is excellent on meat, poultry, fish & small goods. It can also be used on for corn beef and ham COB.

Increase your shelf life and control bacteria on both smoked or non-smoked products.



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The Biochar Cycle

01 Dec 2014


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