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    Growing for the future, enviornment in mind and Biochar in hand

    Growing for the future, enviornment in mind and Biochar in hand

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    Traditional smoke flavour created at home

    Traditional smoke flavour created at home

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    Working with nature in hand

    Working with nature in hand

We have the perfect Liquid Smoke or Powder Smoke for your kitchen, even Biochar for your garden..

Whats New

Maintenance Time


Now is a good time to do some maintenance by getting ready for Spring time crops.

It is time to attend to your irrigation and get your systems working more efficiently.

Attending to wear and tear. Clean out blockerd drippers and sprinklers,remove any Biofilms that are causing problems.

It is as simple as servicing your system.

Grayson Australia are able to assist in this maintenance by providing parts with a little help in installing them yourself over the phone or by coming out to your site for a small charge.

We are only a phone call away -  03 8727 6900


Smoking Good Food

Grayson Australia's Smoke Flavours

A great way of adding delicious smoky flavours to your favourite dishes making them even more enjoyable.


Add a delicious smoky flavour to anything form your favourite recipes to your BBQ meats.

Make your recipes come alive by adding smoke flavour to meatballs, pulled pork and sauces.


Vegetables are more exciting with a touch of smoke.

Bring your meat to life with one of our mouth-watering Liquid Smoke Flavours.



Smoke flavour is so versitile and only limited to your imagination.

As little or as much flavour as your taste requires!


Our Smoke flavours come in both liquid and powders.

For for more information on Smoke flavour Powders call our office on 03 8727 6900

What is the cost of biofilm to your business?



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