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    Growing for the future, enviornment in mind and Biochar in hand

    Growing for the future, enviornment in mind and Biochar in hand

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    Traditional smoke flavour created at home

    Traditional smoke flavour created at home

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    Working with nature in hand

    Working with nature in hand

We have the perfect Liquid Smoke or Powder Smoke for your kitchen, even Biochar for your garden..

Whats New

Bioplus - A Fabulous New Product


Bioplus is Grayson Australia's new, cost-effective sanitation solution. It is perfectly suited to nurseries and market gardeners that desire biofilm eradication with their water treatment, yet do not require a premium food grade product like Vibrex.

Bioplus (chlorine dioxide) is guaranteed to be as effective as Vibrex at eliminating harmful pathogens and ensuring a disease free environment, however it is far more affordable & cost effective, with the treatment of 100,000 litres of water costing as little as $4.00.

Chlorine dioxide can be effectively used with an automated dosing system and now an automated system for your chlorine dioxide is more accessible than ever for eligible small businesses, thanks to the Federal Budget May 2015.


Biofilm Elimination

Are you having problems with blocked drippers and sprinklers?

This can be due to Biofilm

Biofilm is a complex network of microorganisms that attach themselves to surfaces including drippers and sprinklers, causing problems such as blockages.

There are many other problems they cause with undesirable outcomes.

The only effective treatment for the removal of Biofilms is chlorine dioxide.

You ask why choose chloride dioxide over other disinfectants?

It is the only chemical capable of completely removing biofilm as it is present as a gas in the water

It is effective over a very high pH

It can remove iron and maganese

It is non-corrosive

It is capable of destroying a wide range of bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores

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