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    Growing for the future, enviornment in mind and Biochar in hand

    Growing for the future, enviornment in mind and Biochar in hand

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    Traditional smoke flavour created at home

    Traditional smoke flavour created at home

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    Working with nature in hand

    Working with nature in hand

We have the perfect Liquid Smoke or Powder Smoke for your kitchen, even Biochar for your garden..

Whats New

Online Store

To our valued customers,


We will no longer be supplying retail quantities of our products through the online store.

As we have built an extensive distributor network which can readily handle smaller quantities of our products we have elected to supply wholesale quantities only.


Please give us a call and we can either provide you a quote for commercial quantities or refer you to one of our distributors.

Our website will be updated in the future to reflect these changes to our business.


Best regards,

Grayson Australia




Regen Ventura System

Best results for the cheapest price! Just perfect for the small to medium nursery.

Regen Ventura system is designed for the injection of chlorine dioxide into th nursery irrigation system to control the slimy layer known as biofilms that form inside pipes. Biofilms cause blocked drippers and sprinklers resulting in plant loss.

For all the details and running options, call us on 03 8727 6900.

Regen Shield

Grayson Australia has a NEW product!


Regen Shield


  • Promotes soil activity
  • Adds natural smoke extracts to soil simulating process of natural fire
  • Promotes plant growth
  • Rduces soil pH
  • May assist with increasing soil nutrient availibility

        NOTE: Harmful to Byrophyte family - Liverwort, mosses & hornworts

Regen Shield is a highly-developed product sourced from wood extracts.


It is import to follow the 4 steps to get the best results:

   1. Mix correctly - 25% solution

   2. Spray correctly - 100-150ml per square metre

                             Apply with sprayer, this will give soil a good soaking.

   3. Target soil, dont water foliage - NO broard spray

   4. MUST repeat 1 week later


Available from on of our Distributors:

     Garden City Plastics - 1300 695 098 ( Australia wide )

     Horticultural and Landscapes Supplies - 03 6263 4688 ( Tasmania )


Smoking Good Food

Grayson Australia's Smoke Flavours

A great way of adding delicious smoky flavours to your favourite dishes making them even more enjoyable.


Add a delicious smoky flavour to anything from your favourite recipes to your BBQ meats.

Make your recipes come alive by adding smoke flavour to meatballs, pulled pork and sauces.


Vegetables are more exciting with a touch of smoke.

Bring your meat to life with one of our mouth-watering Liquid Smoke Flavours.



Smoke flavour is so versitile and only limited to your imagination.

As little or as much flavour as your taste requires!


Our Smoke flavours come in both liquid and powders.

For more information on Smoke flavour Powders call our office on 03 8727 6900

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