About Grayson Australia


Grayson Australia is a family owned business and has been operating for 30 years. Our business was initially involved in the food industry before diversifying into the horticulture and agriculture industries.

We supply a range of innovative and specialized products for the food, horticulture and water treatment industries, both within Australia and overseas, direct to your door.

At Grayson Australia we pride ourselves on being an environmentally friendly company, continuing to develop new ecofriendly products to help our customers in the ecofriendly world.


Our products range from liquid smoke applications that lead the market in Australia, to our Smokehouse range. This includes Wood Pallets, Liquid Smokes and Grill Oils.

We have also recently developed a range of smoke water products called Regen 2000, which improves the regeneration and germination of a wide range of flora, including rare and difficult to germinate species.

Grayson Australia continues to create exciting and innovative new products - we are currently developing an organic weed killer and soil growth range for the horticulture industry. This new line currently includes, Seed germinator/Seed Starter, Biochar, Smokewater and Organic Weed Killer.

We are continuously working towards organic supplements to promote soil amendments and plant growth.


Some of our other amazing natural products include biochar for soil amendments, Smokewater to assist in plant growth and Wood Vinegar.

Other products include chloride dioxide for salad & vegetable washes and to remove biofilms in irrigation systems. Our chlorine dioxide product Vibrex, can assist in removing soluble iron in bore water as well as sanitizing drinking water for animals.


In the food industry Grayson Australia specializes in smoke products including liquid smoke, smoke oil and powdered smoke. Everything you require for that amazing smoky flavored dish.

To compliment this range the company introduced smoking wood pellets in recent times.



Vibrex products can be purchased thru our range of distributors across Australia or by simply contacting our office.

Distributors -EE Muirs & Sons, Growers Agrishop WA & Lindsay Rural Qld

At Grayson Australia we have introduced our online store to make shopping more convenient for our customers where all other products can be easily purchased. 

If you have a question or just require some more info, we are only a phone call or email away. Don't hesitate to contact us as we welcome any queries.