Biochar - Zucchini Kids!

Posted on 17 Apr 2015 by Valerie




Involving your kids in the home garden

I wanted to teach my children how to grow their own vegies and about the importance of looking after the soil.

Firstly, we experimented and prepared the soil using a product called "Hals Bochar Active", a Biochar and organic compost mix that provides the soil with all its much needed nutrients.

Next we chose the vegie, after great discussion, it was decided, Zucchini! Easy to grow, with quick results.

After the first week we saw our first baby plants peeping up through the soil. The kids were very excited! Soon this was followed by bright yellow flowers and zucchini's! Lots and lots of Zucchini's!


We had zucchini's coming out of our ears, what to do with them was the next question???

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What a fun creative way to learn about the importance of your soil, vegetable & cooking while enjoying the rewards!

             Zucchini Relish!          Emma & The Kids!