Spring and Summer Maintainence

Posted on 05 Nov 2015 by Valerie





Spring has arrived and summer is not far away, and with it comes warmer temperatures and longer days.

These conditions inevitably lead to an increase in the amount of water required by plants of all kinds. Maintaining a sterile, pathogen free source of water is an absolute necessity, as pathogen infested water is a significant risk to the health and wellbeing of all plant life, especially your crops.

This is where chlorine dioxide dosing unit comes into play. For those who already have one installed, now is the time to check that it is operating smoothly and without fault before summer arrives. One easy way to determine this is to monitor the rate that the two precursor chemicals are being consumed. A well-functioning system will consume both chemicals at the same rate, while a system in need of a service will typically deplete one chemical faster than the other.

If you think your system is in need of a service, or are currently without a dosing system but would like to find out more call our office  03 8727 6900.