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Regen Smoke Germination

Regen products are for the hobby farmer, nurseries, horticultural and commercial use.

A valuable new 100% natural, 100% organic tool designed for germinating many plant species, including both native & exotic varieties. They can also be used with herbs, vegetables and exotic species.

Regen products come in both liquid and dry form.

Regen is an Australia made product, and is the only one of its kind in Australia.


  • Assists difficult to germinate species
  • Excellent for rare and endangered species
  • Improves germination rates
  • Earlier & healthier growth
  • Greater uniformity of germination
  • Time & cost effective
  • Usefull for conservation & revegetation projects
  • Protection of native seed bank

Working with nature to obtain the best results..

Firetree liquid smoke dark

Regen Germinator

Convenient means of delivering smokewater to young seedlings.

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Regen Smoked Vermiculite

Great for seeding trays in nurseries, and broad acerage germination on a wide range of Australian natives

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Regen Smokemaster

Triggering germination on a wide range of Australian natives.