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Grayson Liquid Smoke

Suitable for commercial use

Grayson Liquid Smokes are designed to enhance meat, poultry, seafood, ham & bacon. Excellent in a wide range of other food products.

Although Grayson smokes are designed for Internal use , they can also be used externally. These smokes  are highly effective when applies internally. They ensure no premature loss of nitrates or effect on bindings. External smoke application offers flavour, colour & texture.

Grayson Liquid Smoke is a more concentrated product the Firetree range.


  • Applications are faster - resulting in increased yeilds
  • Excellent range of colours & flavours - ranges from light & delicate to dark & bold
  • Intensities of flavour & colour can be controlled - uniformity
  • Unwanted components are eliminated (PAH)
  • Preservation - longer shelf life
  • Amazing smokey content - without the aid of a Smoke house

Grayson Liquid Smokes are NOW available in:

     Code 10

     Code 16

     Code 63

     DC 10


     Native Hickory

     Honey Myrtle

     Mallee Ash

     Royal A

     Royal S

     Snow Gum

     Sugar Gum