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Regen Smokewater

An exciting new direction for hydroponics, nurseries and market gardeners.

Recent research in pyroligneous acid (wood vinegar) as listed below has shown this naturally occuring product has extensive applications both in soil treatment, foliant spray and growth yeild improvements as highlighted in listed scientific journals.

Improving growth and yeilds -

Effects on pathogenic fungus -

Pyroligneous acid and quality improvement -


Smokewater is a naturally derived wood product known as pyriligneous acid that has been infused with high quality smoke enhancing its beneficial results.

Areas of application:

  • Soil treatment
  • Compost inclusion
  • Foliant spray
  • Watering systems

Customers feedback

Taking a new direction with nature for amazing results.


Regen Smokewater

A natural 100% organic product for foliant spray and soil treatment