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Mesquite offers a rich brown appearance and enhanced smoke profile with an individual flavour note representative of this native timber.

This gourmet smoke flavour was developed to retain the exciting characteristics that the name and origin suggest.

Mesquite will enhance a wide range of poultry and pork but is not limited to these recommendations. Let your imaginations run wild!

Smoking is one of the oldest forms of meat preservation. Archaeological findings have revealed the use of smoke in food preparation approx. 90,000 years ago.

Humans have used drying and smoking of food since the time of the caveman.

In 1573 Heresbachio gave a short description of curing and smoking as one of the most important treatments of preservation of meat. For centuries foods have been treated with smoke emitted from the open fire in living areas.

The cave from the caveman and the smoke from his fire set's the scene for this. Caves lacked chimmneys and became very smokey. Early man hung his meat and became aware that the meat acquired a differnet flavour.

Then came the introduction of liquid smoke and the ability to control colour and flavour. The different woods available lead to a wide variety of natural, beautiful & exciting flavours.

The quanity of usage depends on the individual taste and the recipe

The level of smoke colour and flavour can be adjusted to the desired level by monitoring the usage level.

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