Firetree Golden Beech Smoke Pellets

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Firetree smoke pellets

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Suitable for both domestic & commercial use.

Golden Beech adds a unique smokey flavour to meat, poultry & pork.

Golden Beech has a mild smokey flavour simular to oak.

Great for all types of white meat.


  • Clean and easy to use
  • Compact fuel for maximum convenience
  • Low waste - a 20kg bag will produce approx. 100gms of ash
  • Environmentally friendly - sustainable source of fuel
  • Easy to store

The smoking of food dates back to the time of primitive caveman. Caves lacked chimneys and became very smokey. Early man hung his meat stored in smokey areas acquired a different flavour. Over time this smoking process became a way to flavour.

Next came the wood pellet! Pellet production started in Europe and in North America when the oil crisis happened in 1973 and 1979. The wood pellet attracted the people's attention as it had high quality wood and was convenient means of heating.

The wood pellet is considered Green and as countermeasures against global warming. It has also proven to be effective. More countries are trading in wood pellet fuel as eco-friendly, which has led to production becoming popular again.

There was now a demand for pellet burners. In 1985 Joe Traeger introduced the first pellet grill to the world. The versility of the grill & smoker began to speak for its self. "Let's combine heating and flavour and smoke with the aid of the wood pellet."

Now an excellent way to add different flavours to pellets is to make them from different woods.

  • Improved performance, efficiency - Firetree Wood pellets produces 3 times smoke level compared to wood chips & sawdust.
  • Quicker colour development on product - achieves a higher yield.
  • Easy cleaning of smoke generator - wood pellets will burn down to an ash.
  • Pellets produced from high quality timber - the smoke colour & profile has greater consistency.
  • Environmentally friendly - all timber used in wood pellets production is harvested.
  • Cost efficient & use less as it lasts longer.
  • Excellent for BBQ & Smokehouses.
  • Versatile application - Adjustable for flavour & strength.
  • Longer shelf life.
  • Easier handling.
  • Eliminates the possibility of contamination from glues & pesticides - Selected hardwood from specialized timber mills.
  • Clean & easy to use & store.
  • Compact fuel for maximum convenienceLow waste - a 20kg bag will produce approx. 100gms of ash.
  • Environmentally friendly - sustainable source of fuel.