Vibrex - Horticulture

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Nursery 3

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Vibrex can be used not only as a broad-spectrum sanitiser, but can also be used as a regular water treatment option for the control of common nursery pathogens such as Fusaarium, Pythium and Phytophthora, and only as a sanitiser is proven to control bio-film build up.

Unlike other sanitisers, Vibrex will work over a broard pH range regardless of organic and bacterial loadings. This allows Vibrex to be used in all forms of water treatment including recycled water.

The versatility of Vibrex also enables uses such as drenching soil beds, foliar treatment and post harvest treatment to protect against all forms of virial, fungal and bacterial germicides.

Vibrex is excellent in Nurseries, Hydroponics, Market gardens & post harvesting - flowers, fruit, vegetables, grapes & mushrooms.