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Suitable for both the commercial & horticultral market.

Regen Smokemaster is a liquid smoke, designed for direct application to seeds.

Seeds can be treated by soaking in a diluted solution or alternatively, trays containing sown seeds can be sprayed with diluted Regen Smokemaster.

Seeds can be soaked in a diluted solution for 6-36 hours until they begin to swell.

Treated seeds can then be dried and sown when required.


  • Nursery production can be improved up to 40% along with broardcasting of seedling up to double the sucess rate.
  • Sowing & smoking should be carried out when germination is likely to occur.
  • Water soluble so be aware that over watering may remove the active agent from the medium before seed dormancy has been broken.
  • Provides consistency and supply for demand.
  • Ability to break dormancy in many native species.
  • Cost effective.

Refer to usage rates.

The ground breaking news that smoke could have amazing effect on breaking dormancy and increasing seed germination of many species, originated in South Africa following the discovery that smoke stimulated the germinationof a rare South African plant - 'Audouinia Capitata'.

This has developed the exploration of the benefits of meditated germination and, has expanded to different continents and has been applied in nurseries, land management and rare and exotic flora conservation.

Smoke germination has played its role in Australia. Research in Australia has shown that smoke is a key principle in breaking seed dormancy in a wide variety native Australian species.

Australian trials began in Western Australia at Kings Park, which now specializes in conservation and restoration of native species and ecosystems.

The Science Directorate within the Bontanic Gardens and Parks Authoriy of Kings Park is renowned for its world class research and scientific works, specializing in conservation and restoration of native species and ecosystems. The directorate is categorized into specific scientific areas including restoration ecology, seed science, conservation genetics, propergation science and orchid science, which are supported by many accredited reserch scientists and students.

Post mining restoration has been implemented by Alcoa's Western Australia bauxite mining operation with in the Jarrah Forest. Approximately 600 hectacres are mined and rehabilitated each year.

There has been an outstading result for post mining rehabilitation of the Jarrah Forest species from the nursery and field application of smoke.

Growing interest is now increasing within nurseries, mining companies, councils and a wide variety of organizations including conservation to improve, revegetation and rehabilitation practices.

Regen Smokemaster is a liquid smoke, designed for direct application to seeds. Seeds can be treated by soaking ina diluted solution for 6 - 36 hours until they begin to swell. Treated seeds can be sown when required. Excellent for horticultural  and commercial Industries.

Alternatively, trays containing sown seeds can be sprayed with undiluted Regen Smokemaster and carefully watered for the first 6 - 10 days to ensure adequate penetrationof smoke compounds.                                                                                                                                                     

Regen Smokemaster is water-soluble.

Sowing and smoke should be carried out when germination is most likely to occur.


Seed soak: dilute 100ml Regen 2000 Smokemaster in 1 litre water.
Seed spray: 100ml diluted Regen 2000 Smokemaster will cover 1 square metre.

  • Assists germination in difficult or hard to germinate species - natives & exotic with excellent outcomes.
  • Improved seedling propergation in nurseries - accelerated plant growth.
  • Wildflower farming - producing of new & exciting species.
  • Growing of native flowers & foliage - smoke responsive plants giving outstanding results.
  • Conservation of endangered plant species - saving our flora.
  • Seed trial with dormant and difficult to germinate plants - for growth & development.
  • 100% organic - Working with Nature.
  • Adaptable to suit the environmental changes & conditions experienced throughout our unique country.
  • Fungicidal tool in hydro mulch & other forms of aqua seeding - versitile to different applications.
  • Efficient use of our nationsl seed bank - acheiving remarkable results.
  • Revegetation of mining & quarry sites - amazing outcomes to keep our environment alive.
  • Landcare, forestry, plantation & bushland management - a new approach with successful results
  • Easy to use - acheiving cost effectiveness.