“It's never nice, when you go to pick some parsley for cooking and it is infested with bugs, but I tried spraying my parsley with your Regen Smokewater and had great results. Great results without harmful chemicals.”

Em - Purchased

“I wanted to teach my children the importance of looking after the soil, but I wanted it to be fun. We experimented with preparing the soil with 'Hals Biochar Active' Thank you Biochar for amazing results and lots of zucchini and happy little gardens!”

Emma & the KIds - Purchased

“I have been growing beans for approx. 30 years and could not get good results. A friend told me about Biochar and gave me some to try. I mixed it into the soil. The results were amazing! My plants gained height. They were giant! The beans were really large and healthy. Thanks to Biochar.”

Paul - Purchased

“Not long ago my miniature lemon tree was struggling! It had yellow unhealthy leaves, no flowers, no fruit and very slow growing. In 8 weeks of applying Biochar to the soil, my lemon tree now has new growth that is lush and very healthy. The leaves are now dark green, glossy and healthy not to mention lots of flowers. Fantastic results with Biochar!”

Keith - Purchased

“Perfect for BBQ Pork.. Flavour is not over powering.”

Charles Cameron - Purchased

“Subtle sweetness was added to the chicken, best marinaded for a maximum of 3 hours. By adding a little water to the grilled chicken allowed the the peices to be come suculent and tender. ”

Virginia Smith - Purchased

“Perfect mixed through homemade meat balls as the flavour carried through, added a lovely aroma and crust coating to schnitzel. ”

Elizabeth Humphery - Purchased