Regen 2000 Native & Exotic Plant Germination

Regen 2000 is our range of smokewater products specifically designed to improve the germination of Australian natives. It is available for both broad acre and nursery application, and comes in liquid and granulated forms.


The traditional method of burning off to promote germination is not only potentially dangerous but also haphazard – during combustion, variations in combustible materials, available oxygen, temperature burn and moisture content produce inconsistent results.

However, the simple application of smoke to seed trays, seeds or bushland soil has been shown to result in remarkable germination rates. That's why we’ve developed Regen 2000 - to provide a simple, safe and reliable method for improving germination.

Regen 2000 consistently breaks dormancy in many smoke-responsive species and offers:

  • Improved germination rates
  • Earlier germination and healthier seedling growth
  • Greater uniformity of germination
  • Faster germination of some species
  • Germination of difficult species

Previously difficult to germinate, rare and endangered species often respond to Regen 2000 with outstanding results, and it has even worked wonders with degraded native soil containing seed. Regen 2000, in either liquid or granulated form, is so easy to use that schools, nurseries, land care groups and wildflower enthusiasts across Australia are now using it to germinate new and exciting native cut flower and foliage crops.

Depending on your specific requirements, Regen 2000 is available as:

  • Regen 2000 Smokemaster
  • Regen 2000 Germinator

Although the use of smoke technology is still in its infancy, its popularity is growing daily, especially among nurseries, mining companies and councils. However, Regen 2000 is not a stand-alone solution to the inherent germination difficulties we face with a variety of Australian natives, and should be utilised in conjunction with complementary methods of propagation.