The Regen range of bio char products are produced from selected hardwoods only, and processed via a patented method incorporating high temperatures and steam injection. It is important to note that there are many different types and qualities of bio char on the market, but none can match the qualities of the Regen range.

Advanced processing techniques, and state of the art reactors, used in the production of Regen bio char, results in a molecular structure more stable both chemically and biologically than most carbon products. Steam injection during pyrolysis takes the product to the next level of activation.

Due to the advanced production methods used, Regen will remain stable in the soil for extended periods, offering long term returns and results. The benefits to soil quality and improved crop yields are some positive returns, as well as the potential to gain carbon credits by active carbon sequestration.

Other benefits offered by Regen

  • Reduced fertiliser usage by up to 60%
  • Increased moisture retention in bio char treated soils
  • Improved soil structure to enhance healthy root growth
  • Reduces damaging nutrient run off during high rainfall
  • Maintains a healthy environment and improves the microbiology of the soil
  • Suitable for organic applications
  • Will sequester greenhouse gases
  • Contains no PAHs and adjusts soil pH
  • 100% natural with no synthetic materials

Regen Biochar has its origins in the Amazon rainforest were Terra Petra or Black Earth exists in 10% of the Amazon Basin. Similar sites have been found in Ecuador, Peru, Benin and West Africa. Biochar was used by humans for more than 2,500 years in the Amazon Basin to improve the soil productivity by retaining vital organic matter, plant nutrients and moisture essential for plant growth. Regen mixed into or on top of top soil, especially soils with low productivity, will enhance the soils suitability for growing higher yielding crops.

Because of Biochar’s physical and chemical nature, it has a unique ability for attracting and holding moisture ,nutrients and agrochemicals even retaining difficult to hold nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorous. Biochar’s immense surface area and complex pore structure provides a secure habitat for microorganisms and beneficial fungi, and a perfect environment for plant root fibres, allowing for greater nutrient uptake by plants.

It is undisputed that Biochar is more persistent than any form of organic matter commonly applied to soil. Because of Biochar’s long term persistence in soil, all the associated benefits of nutrient and water retention along with overall soil fertility  are longer lasting than with common fertilizers alone. Biochar, comparatively inert, does not break down like other organic soil amendments and resists chemical and microbial degradation, especially when buried. An investment in a bio char application is a long term investment in your soils condition.

When added to poor soil, bio char improves plant growth and enhances crop yields. Many studies have shown increases in yields up to four times. Biochar reduces soil acidity decreasing liming needs, and because bio char attracts and holds nutrients, it reduces fertilizer requirements. As a result, fertilization costs are minimized by up to 60%.

It is important to note that not all bio char is the same. The key chemical and physical properties of bio char are greatly affected by the type of feedstock used and the conditions of the pyrolysis process. Bio char produced from selected hardwood and processed at high temperatures incorporating steam injection gives the high quality Biochar with low levels of bio oil that is Regen Biochar. This type of Biochar will give the treatment a greater degree of persistence over a longer period of time.