Research and Development

Regen Logon is an organic preservative that eliminates sap stain, decay and mould fungi on timber products. It is available for both whole log and sawn lumber application, and comes in various sizes and concentration levels.

Regen Logon 100 is an extremely effective treatment against both sap stain and decay fungi, while Regen Logon 200 offers the timber processor complete protection against a wider range of fungi, including sap stain, decay and mould.


The use of organic preservatives to improve the appearance and quality of both soft and hard woods is becoming more prevalent, largely due to:

  • Improved timber quality
  • Greater uniformity
  • Reduced financial losses
  • Decreased incidence of fungal growth
  • Increased control
  • Safer working environment.

Regen Logon can be applied using several methods, but should be applied as soon as possible after debarking. Logs can be treated by dipping at the sawmill, or by spraying on site at the logging coupe (which offers immediate protection against fungal damage). Sawn lumber can be treated again prior to shipping – even at the wharf – to ensure total protection against sap stain and decay during transit. Regen Logon remains effective for 8–20 weeks, even in the most adverse conditions.

Because Regen Logon 100 uses 100% natural ingredients, it can be used safely in most production environments, with no adverse effects on worker safety or the local environment.